What Makes Us Different

Mike's Movers Packing Moving Vehicle

My name is Mike and I’m the owner of Mike’s Movers. Here’s what makes our company different, and why we are the standard for what high-quality moving should look like.

I do not take random applications. You cannot simply apply for Mike’s Movers. Our team is comprised of very special people who were handpicked and offered the opportunity to learn this craft and be a part of the highest performing technicians in the state. There are no application forms on the internet or “we’re hiring” signs out front. We choose people who have already proven that they have integrity and a good work ethic. In order to make the cut, there are some non-negotiable qualifications one must meet:

Very Physically Able. Frankly, we do not waste time with people who are not physically fit and strong. 90% of this job is lifting and carrying for hours at a time, and if someone starts to give out mid-carry, they’re risking the safety of the item. Take a look at any of our guys and this qualification is immediately apparent.

Integrity. This is obviously important with what we do. I expect my guys to operate with the same level of care and enthusiasm when they are alone as they do when I’m standing right behind them. The guys I’ve chosen and trained exemplify this quality to a high degree.

Attitude. Every manager is huge on this one, and there’s a reason. This is why I take such good care of my team. I expect that my guys are excited to work, glad to be on the job site, and looking forward to it every day. This directly translates to a better product. I have no patience for sulking, griping, complaining, etc.

Taking Pride in the Work and Ownership. I give my team leaders a lot of control. As a result, the job sites are theirs, and they have a sense of ownership over how things go. I believe that when your work is a reflection of your competence (rather than my oversight and micromanagement), then you are more likely to perform at a higher level.

None of Our Guys Have Prior Experience. At first glance, this may seem like a strange thing to brag about, but in an industry saturated with terrible quality and low standards, I take pride in the fact that our team has never developed bad habits or become accustomed to the wrong way of doing things. This way, there are no bad habits carried over from other companies. I have a very high expectation of my team and that’s all they’ve ever known.

My Guys Look Forward to Working. I’ve worked a ton of different jobs and I know what’s like to dread Monday morning, to have a bad boss, to be underpaid, etc. I take great pride in how our team is treated and how they feel about work. All my guys are friends, they enjoy spending time with each other, and I believe that that translates to a better work environment, which in turn translates to the highest quality work.

To Expound on Team Performance and Treatment, Each of My Guys Earns Significantly Higher Wages than the National Average, and in Some Cases Literally Twice as Much. I believe that movers are respectable technicians and should be paid as such. In return for the pay, I expect a much higher level of quality than you can expect from your average mover at any other company. My guys see this as a career, and I’ve promised them that as the company grows and as they continue to perform with excellence, they will continue to make more as a result. They have a strong incentive to do the best job they can.

My Personal Involvement in Each of the Moves Is Unique in the Industry. I leave several lines of communication open between myself and our clients and I encourage them to reach out to me on my personal cell at any time with any questions or concerns. I understand that moving can be a very stressful experience. By communicating how personal these jobs are to me and how much our clients mean to me, it is my hope that those anxieties are eased when those clients realize how deeply I care about each and every job we take on. This company is a reflection of myself and I take great pride in my work and products.